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June 24, 2014 - New Music! 

License to sell my recording of "Hallelujah" (Leonard Cohen) in the works. I did not write the song, so that's the way it works. :)

I only recorded it for a pitch, but after some real nice response from you listeners......Watch for it soon!
Music Licensed

May 15, 2013: "There Goes Sebastian" licensed for commercial usage.

May 11, 2013: "Chiller" licensed for non-commercial usage.

April  1, 2013: "Chiller" licensed for worldwide use.

March  27, 2013: "Cartoon Housewives" licensed for worldwide use

October  25, 2012: "Bring It"  licensed for custom CD compilation

October  10, 2012: "Steverinoville" licensed for internet non-commercial project usage worldwide.

September  30, 2012: "Chiller" licensed for internet non-commercial project usage worldwide.

February 1, 2012: "Chiller" licensed for non-commercial usage.

January  18, 2012: "Chiller" licensed for non-commercial usage.

October 7, 2011: "There Goes Sebastian" licensed for DVD menu usage in Los Angeles.

September  26, 2011: "Chiller" licensed for internet non-commercial project usage worldwide.

September 19, 2011: "Bring It" licensed for personal, student, or educational usage in US.

July 25, 2011: "There Goes Sebastian" licensed for internet usage in Minnesota.

June 16, 2011: "Chiller" licensed for product for sale or giveaway usage worldwide.

April  7, 2011: "Breezy Afternoon" licensed for internet non-commercial project usage in Australia.

April 4, 2011: "There Goes Sebastian" licensed for product internet video usage in Colorado.

March 28, 2011: "There Goes Sebastian" licensed for Corporate/Organization, Theatre and Competition usage in US.

November 8, 2010: "Chiller" licensed for TV, Radio, and Internet usage in Egypt.

September 8, 2010: "There Goes Sebastian" licensed for Internet animation usage in Belgium.

July 14, 2010: "There Goes Sebastian" licensed for usage and appears on Renault Italia YouTube Channel in numerous spots.

May 31, 2010: "There Goes Sebastian" licensed for Internet usage in Spain.

May 10, 2010: "There Goes Sebastian" licensed for "This is...My Aspen", Aspen, CO.

Apr. 17, 2010:  Nordstrantana (w/o guitar solo) licensed for usage in San Francisco, CA.

Apr. 16, 2010:  Mansion of Haunts, Steverinoville licensed for non-commercial usage in New Zealand.

Mar. 29, 2010: Hotel California - A Salute To The Eagles to be feature in new production, "New Kid In Town" through April/May 2010 in Whittier, CA (near LA).

Mar. 9, 2010: "Zemer Atik" licensed for non-commercial usage in Walden, NY.

Feb. 21, 2010: "There Goes Sebastian" licensed for non-commercial usage in Dallas, TX.

Feb. 18, 2010: "There Goes Sebastian" licensed to appear in "Beaners Enewsletter".

Jan. 29, 2010: "Leaving" licensed for usage, Athens, TN.

Jan. 7, 2010: "There Goes Sebastian" licensed to appear in Switzerland internet film "Zentrum Staldenbach"


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